Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Poetic Composition 2018


Your color is white
Standing alone near the field
Waiting someone to walking with
To bring him a bag of wheat
                                    Michael Advendri P. (28/02/2018)


Anxiety, depression, and alcoholism
Falling into the chasm
There’s nowhere to go but down
Wipe those blushes off, I want to see you frown
                                    Andaru Danurdana (28/02/2018)


May heaven forgive me
For I have sinned
I have kneeled
To such humane sight
Like you
                        Iszia Salma (28/02/2018)


I am jealous with birds
They can fly anywhere anytime they want
While me, stuck in here
Trapped by a boring life
Oh ... poor me
                        Ayu Ihda Filkhiyami (28/02/2018)


Little Minnie miss her mommy
She’s gone and Minnie doesn’t know why
6 months already
She’s passed away
                                    Debianandya (28/02/2018)


Born in community
Live in community
Work with their community
Die with their community
                                    Restu Eko Yuliardhi A. (28/02/2018)


On the same bed I lay
Body feels as stiff as clay
No clue, for what I’m going to say
But I think I just survived for today
                                    M. Ghiffari Farhan (28/02/2018)


We knew it
All the time
That we are affected
By the noise

Go far away
Let yours be heard
Then go back
Let yours unfold
                                    Devy Octaviani (28/02/2018)


The girl wants to grow
As beautiful as the gold’s glow
But she doesn’t know
What to do now
She just let everything flow
Let it be red or yellow
                                    Permata Henryastuti (28/02/2018)


Been in a beautiful place
Under the red, orange sky
Chillin’ with some friends
The sun goes down

The smell of sea
The touch of sands
The sound of waves
Is this heaven?
                                    Ayni Raya (28/02/2018)


I write a poem
Seems hard for me
And still it’s not done
I cheat a bit
I grab my phone
And just ask Siri
                                    Roedy Satriawan Y (28/02/2018)


Falling of leaves
Of trees and coming down
Many more year to live
In the end back to the ground
                                    Rozan Fahreza (28/02/2018)


Snail snail in the water
She trapped into the deep water
Waive the shell will save her from water
She tought it until she drown into the water
                                    Elizabeth Tambunan (28/02/2018)

Beautiful day

The sun is up
Birds are singing
Chikens are crowed
Today is beautiful
                                    Febri Harika (28/02/2018)


I need to write a poem
But I can’t write ‘em
I’m stirrin’ my head
Until it’s dead
Yet still no line
That I can find
So I just write
What’s in my sight
                                    Elian S. Suryokusumo (28/02/2018)


You lay down there
But tears aren’t there
Since I got a bad day
It was a lie that i got a mourn to lay
                                    M. Wildan A. (28/02/2018)


Everything is changing
No more happiness in life
But she won’t be crying
‘Cause she’s got happy five
Yumna Aditya Prakoso (28/02/2018)


in the quite night
i smell your scent
always accompany
in every night in my dream
                                    Imelda Theresia (14 March 2018)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Anthology of Poetry 2016


Creative writing program is for students who write creative works. It is an interesting program. Students enjoy this program because students can write poetry, prose, play, and script based on their own experiences.
In this program, students should firstly write an original poetry for this Anthology of Poetry 2016. Beside of the requirement for this program, this anthology is intended to be read for pleasure. Then, these poetries will be continued to the next project of creative writing program. It would be nice if this anthology can give impressive inspirations for the reader



Preface 1
Contents 2
o   A Blue Rose 4
o   A Lone Traveler 5
o   Abraham 6
o   Afterlife 7
o   All Praise to Allah 8
o   Angel 9
o   Autumn 10
o   Bird Wtout Pic 11
o   Black Hound of Death 12
o   Broken Glass 13       
o   Children of Mother Earth 14
o   Embrace 15
o   God Knows 16
o   Happiness 17
o   Heart 18
o   Irony 19
o   Jerusalem 20
o   Lily 21
o   Lone Wolf 22
o   Lost and Found 23
o   Men in The Darkest Place 24
o   Next Level 25
o   Off  26
o   Question #1  27
o   Rest 28
o   Sadness 29
o   Sakura 30
o   Sirens 31
o   Sunflower 32
o   Take My Hand 33
o   Tears 34
o   The Cursed Daisy 35
o   The Feeling 37
o   The Insect You Used to Hate 38
o   The Jasmine Frown  39
o   The White Love   40
o   Untitled #1  41


The white is your friend
Which has purity in her color
The red is never end
To give her love to other

But what are you?
Standing alone in your blue
Sadness can be you
Calmness does too
            Nadya Astriana Novera (March 3, 2016)


From the dark ​until the ​dawn
The morning comes and the night changes
The black then grey to white
And I stand still

I may be hurt and also bleed,
I loved so I can fly,
I am sick of all the ins​i​ncere
SoI hate everything,

But none I get right

I dim all the ligh​ts in me
Tha​t​ can only be shine
In the heart that find a truth
In the soul that remain a sincerity

Can I be there alive.

Ikhtiarina Putri S. (February 25, 2016)


Day by day,
I was looking for the way
Questioning myself, yet
None of the answer I get

Maybe the sun, I thought
But it sets in the west
Maybe the moon, I thought
Yet it fades over days

Should I stop querying
While curiosity needs killing
Alone in the loneliest, now I think
Deep in my soul, Lord,
Your truth is standing.

Deviana Kurniawati (March 10, 2016)


All praise to Allah

The God almighty
All praise to Allah
The Lord Amongst all
All               praise
   To.    Allah

M. Wisda Pratama (March 10, 2016)


Down the sun goes
And the moon falls light
The grass vaguely grows
The leaves nakedly dry

A path so-called life
Hardly thee could drive
It is thy road
To choose thy cloth

Harim Nihlah M. (March 10th 2016)

Like an angel you came to me
And now
I see
The stranger in me is finally free
To feel true love

Angga Ferdian (March 15, 2016)


I stand on the path
Blows by the breezy air
The leaves are falls
The leaves are yellow too,

Autumn is love
Autumn is life,
The sun shines brightly,
I feel lonely
Because you left me behind
It’s hard to me,

Autumn is love
Autumn is life,
Wherever you go
I hope you were here
Standing beside me together,

Achmad Ghaniy N. (10 March 2016) 


Fly from tree to tree
Jump from branch to branch
Beautiful feather colouring the sky
Beautiful place in beautiful moment
            Why don’t you let them go
            To dancing with the trees
            Better than in the cage
            Sky is their real home

Fajri Khaimara Utama (3rd march 2016)


A hound in my dream
His name is Grim
He dwells in the realm of dreams
And death follows him

Erizal Mahardhika (March 16th 2016)


They promised each other
to stay together
He makes other promises
and start the new pages
He loves her less
Turn her into broken glass

Dahlia Kartika A. (March 10th 2016)


We live in a world of blue and brown
See it as a man with a crown
Your greed won't feed no one
Your wrath triggers the gun
The birds have flown
The fish have drowned
The woods have all burnt down
Upon the land, men built the town
The devil dressed as a clown
He is the son of a gun
Don't let him fooling around
Such cretin better be gone
Tighten the bond and live as one
We are born not to let the Mother Earth down
'Cause once she frown
Ain't no man will see the sun
If we manage to live as one
Honour all with whom we share the sun
the four-leggeds, two-leggeds, swimmers, and winged ones
Then the earth will all be safe and sound

Riski Fauzan (March, 15 2016)


Stay still, until I get the hold of thy.
Stay still, waiting for kindles angel come by thy.
Trapped inside thousand sins by desires thou love it.
Mourned alive the faith thou want to blow it.

All Hail to the Lord
For all sins and merit thou blessed to us.
For all no hints which all given to us.

Nevertheless of my soul revolting from the unknown
Since the lights told us to keep in faith of my own
And sing spirits to bring our principles down.

So please, Lord.
Embrace us to your blessing.
And keep us in believing.

 Arief Abdurachman Hidayat (March 16, 2016)


Men are free
to be rebel or obedient
to make war or freedom
to spread love or hate
to enter heaven or hell
goodness and badness
Merit and Sin
God knows

 Risma Sinta P. (March 16th 2016)


Before, I was seeking
For a truly happiness
Now, I’m realizing
Your presence is my happiness

 Eldyaniko (10 March 2016)

It is not the reward is calculated mathematically
The reward is calculated based on the merits
Merits was judged on the basis of good will and sincerity
God always viewed human behavior
and assess his heart
because God is omniscient both real and hidden
Neither man is not judged by his actions
but the intents of his heart
Maybe this time we look to do good, but not with the heart
How beautiful and perfect act based on intention and sincerity
Simply hope the reward from Allah

Fadila Ayuningrum (March 10, 2016)


You call yourselves religious
Yet your greed is tremendous
You cover yourselves in a long robe
Yet you love prostitutes like a dope
Oh, such morality!

Bima Sakti (March 16, 2016)


I hate you for Jesus glory.
You hate me in Mohammed’s name.
They hate us so Moses can rise.
We hate each other in one Amen.
It’s not about who’s holier,
it’s more about who’s sober.

In this sorrowful horizon
of this dusty orphaned land,
our truest God is an unending war,
as hatred leads us to our faith.
We seek, and seek, too sick.
Blind that love’s the only heaven to pick.

Gerald Leonardo Agustino Silitonga (March 10th, 2016 – March 13th, 2016)


The beauty of purity
in the whiteness of lily.
Flower of the water.
Sunlight upon the white lily
making it look lovely.

Laily Hapsari (3 March 2016)


Falling in love with the moon
He begins to hunt, soon
Hunting in a shadow
Only one companion left, sorrow

In battles he survived
In losing he denied
Every scar will build his throne
Every wound will shape his bone

 Satrio Jagad (March 3rd, 2016)

Miserable mourning dove
Can’t feel the morning breeze anymore
No wings and hope
To play with the skyscraper
Without her barren scar
Unwanted smile at the lost and found
Caught up in the city cloud
Bounce back to the ground
Surprisingly realized
She is been found
By herself

     Aninditia Larasati (March 14, 2016)


Men are just meat and bones
And God puts souls, blood runs
Men sometimes forget where they came from
And the universe vents its anger
Where were they before they awaken?
They might be drowned into the deep ocean
They might be thrown away to the deep space
As far as the lust world aims to knock them over

Where were they before they awaken?
They hunger for the truths
There, they can notice that dimly light
There, they can be awake

Where are they after they awakened?
What they see now is a clear path
Keep going to the peak of illuminated spotlight
Leave the piles of sin behind

Men in the brighter place

Destri D. (March 15, 2016)

Humans are weak, fragile creature that always make me sick
Greedy beings who speak for peace but never be stick
Built by the elements of hatred and the essence of envy
A great actor pretends to care to hide their fancy
But still, there is a hope

                 Let me tell you an irony
                 Which makes them like a piggy
                 They thought so many concepts
                 But to the others, they never accept
                 Yet, I still wait that hope

B. Stefan (16-03-16)


Through the water of rain
We release our pain
From the dark of night
We reach our sight
In the message of us
We rattle our hush

It is so hard to meet our eyes
It is so hard to hide our lies
It is so hard to hold our dice
Shiela Agatha C.  (March 10, 2016)


He's everywhere but nowhere
He's inside and outside
He's the alpha yet the omega
Whose name was full of glory

He created paradise for those
who worship him
and hell was created for those
who betray him

Is it us who need him? Or
Is it him who need us?

Ayub Ryan Primaditra (March 9, 2016)


Might be
Schutzstaffel in forties  
Daesh in noughties
Parish in medieval
Yet could be 
Caramel apples in fall

It may not be scariest 
At all

Almira Agriphina (March 16, 2016)


When I met sadness
Tears came out from eyes
My heart shouted out loud
I wore cape of shame

But, he was so kind
He gave me strength
He gave me wisdom
Thank you, Sadness

Ganis Hernawan (March 10, 2016)


As bright as your color
Spotlighting the path of wanderer
Triggering the life to be brighter
Flashing our journey to the spectator

Denissa Lalitya (March 3rd, 2016)


Hearts full of hate
Leaving chaos in their wake
In the dark, they wait
Smiling, as they lie awake

Oh, sirens you sinful beasts
Don’t you see I’m in misery?
For your voice has sent me to my knees
Giving up my liberty

Atika Ayuning Putri (March 15, 2016)


Every morning, every day
You smile to the sun
Dancing with the wind
To the left, to the right
So pretty, so cheerful
You make everyone happy,
When they see you

Zahra Arthami Marbun (March 14th 2016)

Take My hand
To theThe Place
I've seen you in sorrow
In pain
Looking for something to gain
The world is cruel
I've seen you suffer from The Place
But I've come to you
Take My hand
All you'll see is light
No more sorrow
No more pain
Soon you’ll be in My Place
Take My hand
This is true love for eternity

Hadid Fajar Ibkar (16 March 2016)

It sounds like the cries of starving children
It feels like pierced by a thousand roses’ thorns
It tastes like a lemon touching wounds
It smells like an animal carcass that goes unpunished
It seems like seeing doctor Robinson’s killing yesterday
Inri Ayu Silvya (March 10, 2016)


The daisies
The Delos Curse
Only the twins can pick them
As they chained their godly power

It begin
When the Queen is angry
She command all the land
to never bless the twins

No one
and nothing
Able to hide from the Queen's wrath

One Titan could
With the help of the nymph
of the sacred island
The twins born
By the time their feet touched the land
The Cursed laid upon the twins

Only Delos can aid the twins
For the Cursed become their shrine
Yet also their chain

Niken Larasati K.W. (March 15, 2016)


It was clear from the day we met
I couldn’t resist my heart
To wonder of your loving heart
And the feeling we would never part

Thou, always cross my mind
I cannot believe you were mine
I think about the love that was real
As I start falling down to the cliff

Rara Andira Febriantyas (March 10, 2016)


walking like there is no end
disgusting then there is no friend
sheltering under leaf when it is rain
paining until the last point

now, I can reach a mountain
now, I can change my appearance
now, you see me become a trend
N O   P A I N     N O     G A I N


Juzaili Rasis (March, 3 2016)

Dark night stares down
Following the jasmine frown
You used to smile fake like a clown
Your tears come streaming down
Coming along,
And left behind the jasmine crown

   Millah N. Chanifah (March 3, 2016)


What is Love?
Love is Pure
Love is Beautiful
Love is Honest

Thou will see Love
Come in two ways
One in beautiful
One in tragic

Thou cannot control Love
Love will come unexpectedly
In good or bad way

Be careful
For those who turned
Their head from Love
For Aphrodite
Will change the Love black for thee
For Aphrodite
Is the Love herself

Fakhriyah Sabillah (March 15, 2016)


Who is The God? Who is the King?
Who is the figure deserves my amen?
And, who is the guy deserves my follow?
The one could cure the sorrow

Should I obey 114?
All those six verses that I give in
I praise you, you raise me
I beg, will you save me?

Edo Ramadhan (March, 10th 2016)