Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Anthology of Poetry

Edited by Yussy Nur Agni Wicaksono

My Sailormoon

Sunday afternoon
I enjoyed my honeymoon
In the moon
with my Sailormoon

    She was beautiful
    And cheerful
    She made me satisfied
    With what she played
            Yussy Nur Agni W (1 October 2013)

My Butterfly

You’re beautiful like butterfly
That fly in the sky
Your life like its wings
That brings you to the lastings
        Will bring you the rainbow
        In your life
        And the snow
        In our love

A butterfly
It reminds me
Even we’re apart
Your love always with me
In my heart
            Bogi Hanni Permana (1 October 2013)


As a bride
Sitting in bride-room
What she decide
Waiting her bride-groom

What she has prepared
Is all about bridal
Not to make him disappointed
But to be prepared his call
        Sandra Glaudia Panjaitan (8-10-2013)


Shine, light, truly beauty
Come, close, carefully
When hungry and thirsty
Wanted as a dignity
Watching and dreaming
Purpose nothing to destructing
Pure really loving
Just take me as yours and old together living
       Muhammad Radityo (1 October 2013)


Singing and ringing
Morning is calling
Sun is waiting
I'm busy dreaming

Looking for doping
Cone of ice cream with topping
Screaming and chanting
Until the star is falling

He Wants to Die!

When I’m looking at the sky
I remember a guy
Who promised to bring me fly
And never let me cry
I just don’t know why
He made me dream high
But all that he said is just a lie
I think he wants to die!
     Nur Ainina Razan (October 1, 2013)


Look at the sky
Flap the wings, I want to fly
In the sky
This feeling I got I can’t deny

Then you are coming
I want to start my healing
When you hold my arm, I hate this feeling
I want to start new dating
    Heppy Rizka (1 Oktober 2013)

If I Can Born Again

I want to be a grass in the meadow
I want to be the wind that  blow
I want to become a  glow
I want to be a rain before the rainbow

I want to be a rain
Who never feel pain
Who  never  loose  dream again
Who never say life is plain

If  I can born again
I hope I will never  get blue again
Never showing sorrow again
Or  feel lonely again
      Adelland Sukma P ( 4 October 2013 )


It was noon
Too late for breakfast
My lamp still on
And I should run fast

I need something
To save my day
The teacher is not coming
This is my lucky day
     Bayu Yohan N. (3 October 2013)

Love is like a storm

Do you know the meaning of love
Do you know how to love someone
Do you know what sacrifice you will give
Do you know how much important her happiness for you

For her, you will do what she does
For her, you will do what she needs
For her, you will do to wipe her  tears
For her, you will sell your happiness
       Mohammad Yusron Thowaf (8 oktober 2013)


Met on May first
Wonder what we felt first
Could this be the first ?
Could this be the last ?

 Almost is never enough
So close to being in love
We know it is quite enough
We never been in  love
        Novindia Nurratnasari (3-10-2013)

My rose

My little rose is already wake up
Open her eyes and get stand up
Glowing like a gold in the morning
Brighter in the afternoon, she is cheering

My little rose is already grow up
Become the number one she starts to show up
Makes some people crying
Makes some people loving

My little rose, Oh my little rose
I never want you to go, of course
But the other is already on the line
Waiting their time to shine

My little rose, Oh my little rose
The light is off, they stop to applause
Down your ego and be kind
It’s not a matter, you already in their mind
                    ChairunishaWardani (30 – 09 – 2013)


You see your eye?
That you tell a lie
Keep it on your mind
Because you are not blind

You can see everything
But you have to remember one thing
Eye cannot see something
What the other people think

Actually they are know
It is just a show
You are not ready to grow
Time will make you feel a blow
                    Bimoseno B.W. (7 Oktober 2013)


A red
A white
As a symbol
My romantic

You make me mad
When I’m a mess
Your smell bring a peace
But sometimes
You hurt me
With your thorn

Don’t be a fake
Don’t be cruel
Love me
Like I adore you
         Lasmi Laila Fadhilla

Never feel satisfy
They seems want to fly
Can’t stop to ate
Because they never feel sate
        They can’t stop think about money
        And act like crazy monkey
        They feel that they have dragon
        With full of wealth save in luxurious wagon
                Desmanta (October 8, 2013)


The cold soil on my back.
My sight became black.
I fail you my lord.
To Protect your mighty sword.

There is someone calling.
With difine wings of blessing.
Take me flying.
For the day of begining.
       Fajar Pradipta ZN (4 October  2013)

The Stone

I am seeing a stone,
He is standing,
With the strong bone
The way he is crossing

No name, he should be
I shall not take him into my room
I just want to see his bloom
The way he wants to be

So, when the time arrises
And the stone is going
I shall pick nothing
But just memoris
        Meilina Sukmawati ( 1 October 2013 )


We get burned by the fire
The fire by our desire
You crossed the line
I made you blind

The wall starts falling
Now our sorrow has gone
The angel starts calling
Now our glow has shown
     Novieta Ronauli Sinaga (27 Oktober 2013)


In the dark of the night
You easy come and go
Through the sky like firework
And make the sky so bright...

When your light is off
You make the sky be dark
And leave your stable...

Purple Heart

I’m suffered by your love
But I know, I’m tough
Baby, could you see my purple heart?
Yes, it’s purple like orchid, but it’s getting shriveled

        Should I ask US to gimme a purple heart award?
        As you don’t care how much I’m pained without you by my side
        Now I see how mean you are
        Now I see that we will always far

The sun

When she sees the light
She cannot touch it
    I know about your sight
    I just want to thump it
She feels she’s listening her heart
But she cannot hear that
    Your heart is the biggest part
    Your light touches that
The sun doesn’t have a power
It seems like too weak
    You don’t be a pioneer
    Don’t be like a leak
    Prajadhipo Samjaya (October 08, 2013)


From your deepest you
Center of you
Embraces you
Here is you
Sweet thorn from you
Sweet sin with you
Taste of you
Fall for you
I and you
I (?)
     Verawati Triastuti (27 October 2013)


I wanna sleep
Into the deep
Alarm sounds “beep”
I’m still in keep
The sun is calling
I begin walking
I’m still sleeping
I just want dreaming
        Zahro Laila Nur (October 27, 2013)

Keep Walking

Layed and oppressed
Nothing interposed
Strengthening my confidence
Which is begin to rebel and dance

    Faith and destiny
    Not all smooth and easy
    Dancing with promise
    Till stranded in a narrow place

            Fajri khaimara utama

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anthology of Poetry

Edited by Ardis Septi E.R.

Countess de la motte

A beautiful sunshine’s smiling at me,
But I feel your heart still rejected me.
A sweet raspberry melting in my mouth
But I can not tell the truth.

My Sweetheart,
Can you touch my heart?
Can you feel my honest heart?
Everyday I run to depart,
Until I get your heart Countess de la motte.
      Vito Adi Nugroho Kertoprodjo (September 23, 2013)

As Bright as the Sun

It is right,
As bright as the sun
When I see it
It is nice one,
As sweet as honey
When it feel I
Is it the shape?
Which delivers the taste
Is it the smell?
Which lead the passion
It is just you
And your smile
      Citra Pertiwi (23 September 2013)

The Most Beautiful Bride

The luckiest man has come to you
He is ready to be your love
So weak, jealous and blue
That’s what i feel from above

Does love teach me to be a pretender?
Does love teach me to surrender?
Just be happy with your new lover
This is the most beautiful bride, ever
     Indra Pujianto (23 September 2013)


Because of hungry
I can’t work for my family
Because of hungry
I do something that is not holly
Hungry make me down
So I go to the town
To find some food
That make me feel good
      Furiandanu Setyo P (23 September 2013)

Mermaid’s Lover

I have a dream
Your body’s shined by light beam
Make you fall into a rhyme
Of sea by the time
Turn you become a sweetest sin
That cannot be seen
By normal eyes without fin
In a very beautiful scene  
Namaskhara Gilang (23 September 2013)


Love is about caring
About showing your feeling
About beautiful song to sing
About dangerous feeling to think
Love is beautiful in beginning
But hurting in the ending
Like an alone king
Who is better to sink
Love is about hunting
For the holy wedding
And giving your ring
For a beautiful pink
     Yosef Bhakti K (23 September 2013)

Horizon of Love
The gray cloud smiles for you
The love bird dances for you
The wall of aurora shines for you
And the north wind whispers to you
That the angel always prays for you
Ade Rahmanto ( 23 September 2013)


How much I want you to leave
In the end I myself who return to you
How much I think
In the end I just remember you
Now, silence that comes up
Loneliness that wakes up
Reminds that you’re leaving
And I’m crying without knowing
      Ni Luh Putu DA Astika (23 September 2013)


Baby come to me slowly
Dont wanna call it too early
Oh baby,
Later you will see
Liebe come across the sea
But baby,
I am young and I am naive
So tell me something,
Something that I would believe
Dont know when you’ll be back
Still I love you,
Til the moon and back
     Nenden Lovenia Bunda (23 September 2013)


I have to be a star
I have to be up there
No matter what it takes
I’ll take what it takes
Whoever under me
I’ll jump to them
Whoever above me
I’ll run to them
I’m the only one
The brightest star
No one could beat me
The brightest star
     Yuyun Tiarawati (23 September 2013)

After My Life

It’s dream
or real
So white and peace
I know no one here
I’m walking around
Looking for something my own
But at last I found none
Frightened comes along my bones
I run so fast
No door found at last
I remember my past
That I’ve died after crash
      Vinta Fatmawati (23 September 2013)

Glory of Love

Love starts blooming
in the right timing
Together taking care of it
as our promise that night
Our love makes a history
such a kind of glory
No need thinking your past
since I’m your last
      Niesrin (23 September 2013)


This nest
Will be one witness
We spent our time together
Without any sister and brother
In this home
You always in form
Much think that I don’t know
The place fills of snow
Together with you
My heart is never blue
Stand alone without you
Throwing the stone to the sea is what I do
     Novin Nur Pratiwi (23 September 2013)

The Sunshine of My Life

Ring of the alarm
It is 07.00 a.m
I wake up and
Suddenly realize
You came to my dream last night
Shining bright in my dark night
My morning is shined by love
Because you are the sunshine of my life
     Yoga Raditya


Love is completeness
Love is happiness
Love is loyalty
Love is honesty
Love is painful
Love is harmful
Love is blind
Love is end.
     Issabel Mustika Ajeng R. (23 September 2013)


I dreamed
a dream
When I realize
I will be in Paradise
The wind is blowing
and touching
Many flowers
in front of me.
     Adlina Vicky (23 September 2013)

The Sweet Victory

When the shadow around you
Bring the tears and sorrow
When you feel all hope is gone
There is nothing you can gain
Just believe in your faith
Don’t hesitate
Every little step you make
Every bond you break
Just believe sweet victory will come.
     Margani Rahma (23 September 2013)

A Dream

Dream is a hope
Hope for what we want to be
But not all of dreams are hope
To have a dream you do not need a time
for making smile on your face
Dream is when you think about life
that you want to be
In the dark, dream is like a lighting candle
It guides you to the bright future
and I am only a dreamer who never let my dream lose.
     Deni Satriyo W. (23 September 2013)


My smile is your smile
My happiness is your happiness
Your smile is my hesitancy
Your happiness is my anxiety
Realize that this love aims to nothing
Jealously that bigger than attention
Egoism that bigger than understanding
Anger that bigger than affection
I’m trying to learn how to love
With you, not from you
I’m trying to learn about the real love
With you, not from you
     Grenanda Elvasanti Martono (23 September 2013)


The sun start shining
The wind start blowing
My mind start thinking
Think of you in this morning
When I see your face
I can’t stop smiling
You fill every day I have
I love you my darling
Septian Herawati (23 September 2013)

My Bad Boy

You’re so lazy
Thinking of you makes me crazy
Don’t care about your family
Everybody called you bad boy
My bad boy
Please, keep calm and nicely
I want a life peacefully
Full of love in every day
     Dian Supriatin Ningsih (23 September 2013)


They say you have no emotion
Never make any commotion
Always live in peace
And never break your heart in piece
‘You all get me wrong!’ you say
Then you walk yourself away
Hiding laughter, tears, and frustration
All in one action
You’re a silence
One thing that full of hidden emotion
Wear the mask of poker face
Almost in every day and place
     Ardis Septi E.R. (23 September 2013)


You are the candle of mine
In every time I close my eyes and mind
Light me in the dark, strong me to face the dare
When I am having my scare nightmare
You never leave me alone
Save me to not gone
Holding my hand
Hug me in my frightened
You are always in my pray
Strengthen my believe that everything is okay
Because you are my important part
In the name of love in my heart
     Winda Astuti (23 September 2013)


Everybody is free to dream
Everybody can dream of anything
You can dream
Of impossible thing
If you dream to fly
To another place that lies
Anything that you want to try
But don’t ever lose your wise
Though there are
Many obstacles before you
Though the place is still far
Keep facing what lies in front of you
      Annisa Qurrota A’yun (29 September 2013)

A Black Rose

A black rose
alone in the silence
in the midst of the colorful flowers
she hides from the beetles
waiting for the sun raises
staring at the stars
in her loneliness
she could not hold back her tears.

Gloria Firmanti ( 29 September 2013)


Now I know about your shape
I know anything
I do not try to tape
This is the outstanding

I can’t be pretending
Box is only one
You can look at my surrounding
I do not hear the tone

God let me be the one
I wonder to know
I do not take the phone
I just let it be slow

      Bernand Mardianus T (28 September 2013)


Growing in the middle of mud
Adorning the green pond
An arresting flower
Lurking in the black water

Everyone sees you approvingly
Attracting people ceaselessly
Lotus, full of magnificence you are
Lotus, sequin of swamp you are
      Nyaryatun Safitri (September 21, 2013)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Student Anthology of Poems


Edited by Gabriella Saridewi


Mom, without you there would be no me

You gave the gift of life to me

When I was kid, you always protect me

When I was in trouble, you always taught me

When I was in trouble, you always help me

Your love, your mind, your attention, your time

All you give me

Thanks for the love you gave me

You’re best mom for me

Avita Faridiana Satiti

Love Story for Me

I still feel right

In the dark of the sight

For a long time, I still wait

Love story for me in this night

I am looking for a romantic place

Trying to find you with a good face

I am walking in the middle of ground

I am listening but there is no sound

When I open my eyes today

There is nothing about you to make me stay

Everybody always regard you are liar

Everybody always say you are player

I just want to go far away from you to scream

Losing all of memories about you in my dream

Waiting your love is something impossible tonight

But I feel I love you whether it is wrong or right

Rizki Ramanda

Lavender that I Remember

When I see lavender

Suddenly it makes me wonder

Do you still remember?

When I kissed you on summer

And I felt like the luckiest girl ever

So I pray to God, hoping it will be forever

Kirana Diani Putri

The Only Exception

You are the only and the last

Even though it happened in the past

You know Darl, it make me blast

And I need you until the last

If I have strength today I will say that I love you

Do you know that I really want you?

Yeah, it seem like before i just quite to say my feeling to you

Because it is too difficult to brake your cold-eyed in front of you

You are far for me now

But your smells carry on winds that blow

I ever want to lose you in my show, but how?

Many good men give his love to me slow now

I aware Darl, I have more and more option

But I do not have any power to kick you in imagination

You still the man in my last option

Because you are the only man and the only exception


My Unconditional Feeling


I gave my heart to you

I put trust in you

And only you…


You still be mine

You always cross in my mind

Yeah, how kind…

And someday,

I don’t feel like doing anything

I just want to feel your warm kissing

To complete this unconditional feeling

Stephani Widhi Kristanti

The Best of Friends

The best of friends

Can change a frown

Into a smile

When you feel down

The best of friends

Will understand

Your little trials

Moreover, lend a hand

The best of friends

Worth more than gold

Give all the love

A heart can hold

Marisi Lamramona WS


I am waiting for so long

Wait helping me to move along

And I always try to be strong

But some live so wrong

I don’t belong here

I gotta move on, dear

Far away from here

And vanishes my fear

Something told me to stay

But I have found my ways

I see a white light

And think that I am right

Winda Kusuma Ningrum


Day by day has gone

Pick and leave the sun

The leaves have grown and down

But what have we done?

How many times have we been passing?

Have we done best for Him?

How much air that we use for breathing?

Have we been grateful for Him?

I am afraid I am afraid about my sins

Am I merit get your forgiveness?

I am fear, I am fear can’t realize your signs

Am I given the chance to realize these?

Tuty Handayani


I remember the sound of that December rain

When you broke the chain

When you kissed my pain

You drive me insane

Can you hear me crying?

Do you know that I am dying?

Can you feel it, Darling?

That my life is facing an ending


The old trees

Older than any human

Cover the earth with green

Make the air clean

We pick the fruit from them with free

Sometimes a bird perch on them and flee

All people breathe and live with them including me

Ading N.R.


Happiness ain't something that I can buy
Happiness ain't something that I can pick like a flower
Strum like a guitar
Wherever and whenever I've desire

One day it will comes and the other will goes by
I am in a big trouble,am I?
I just get rid of my suffer
When I sigh

This is what I do now
To swear a vow
Just like a fellow
To throw all of my sorrow


You are my everything

You are like a heroine in my life

You teach me everything in my life

You are always smile, even if you feel sad

Because you don’t want other people become sad

I want to be like you

But I know no one could be like you

You do everything for me mom

But I’ll do anything, I promise someday I can do the best for you mom

I can not reply to all that you give me

You give everything for me

I really love you

And I can not live without you

I Love You Mom

Carolina Suparno Putri

You Tell Me

You tell me that you love me

Why you leave me alone, but why you break this promise?

You look so different for me

You don’t keep your promise

You tell me that you crazy about me

Who can make you feel that way

You tell me that you care about me

Why you don’t to stay?

Though a deeply hurt inside of me

There is no one can replace you

In a crowd I feel lonely

I can’t live without you

Gielda Sylvianitha

Love You

When I’m smiling without any reason

That is the time I am thinking of you

When I’m missing you for a second

It is like I wanna know what you would do

I want you to know my heart is frozen

When I am looking at you

I never want to leave the moment

When I am talking with you

But really I’m not supposed to be broken

When I know she is with you

Now I regret that you never listen

When I just wanna say I love you

Gabriella Saridewi


Your eyes reflect the beauty

Like meeting a princess in the party

When you touch your hair,

It’s like no air

I just can admire you

Looking you from here

Since I adore you,

I just try to be Shakespeare

Martantyo Adhie Pramono

Hypocrite’s Night

You love your harlequin night.

Do I need that dreamy fake?

It’s just so bright,

Yes! That’s only for God’s sake.

Aren’t you realizing?

Hey, a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Cause you will just be a hypocrite,

That won’t ever be acquainted with the real faith.

Amirah Karimah

The little white angel

The darkness covers the soul

The emptiness all the smolders

Hum the tears

Dammed without the power

A slight the light of immortality

Helper the depression

Full of the hopes

Bring the miracle

Ira Budy M


I’ve been looking through the sky

Hoping to see you passing by

Willingly tears began to fly

But I kept on looking very high

Asking and wondering why

Do people that we love the most die?

I just feel the need to cry

Maybe my pain, with tears, will fly!

Diastari Dyah RA